Pennsylvania Nurse Aides

Please Note:

There will be a new content outline effective January 1, 2016. Please click here to see the new outline, with a comparison to the current outline.

Find test information and download handbooks/applications/forms from this page.

Important Dates
  • July 6: Last date for ARC to process paper applications.
  • July 19: Last date for testing under current process.
  • July 20-August 2: Blackout period – time during which information is transferred from one server to another and testing is completed.
  • August 3: Online portal is open for providers and students. Providers must complete the Roster Upload before previously unscheduled students can schedule their exam.
  • August 13: First date to schedule test. This will be changed to from 10 business days to 10 calendar days.

Registry Services

Last updated 2016-07-05