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The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) offers professional certifications to help you validate your knowledge and skills in various aspects of the Linux operating system. The LPI program is distribution-neutral to allow you to demonstrate your flexibility working in a variety of Linux environments. Recognized around the world, LPI’s Linux certifications can help prove you have the skills necessary for your next job or promotion.

Training and Test Preparation

LPI Marketplace

The LPI Marketplace provides online one-stop-shopping for exam vouchers and exam prep resources that can help you prepare for LPI certification exams and, ultimately, career advancement.


Before scheduling an appointment with Pearson VUE, you must first register with LPI and obtain an LPI ID. You will need this number to create an account.

New for 2015
As we republish our exams, we will allow a 6 month period in which you can choose either the new or the old objectives.

LPI recognizes that preparing for our exams takes time. In order to allow candidates and training organizations to have time to adjust to the new exam objectives, we will be allowing extra time to write the old version of our exams. To make it easier to find the version you need, we are phasing in new exam series codes which will reflect the exam objectives for each exam.

The exams that are being renamed:

  • 117-010 becomes 010-100
  • 117-101 becomes 101-350 (old) and 101-400 (new)
  • 117-102 becomes 102-350 (old) and 102-400 (new)
  • 117-304 becomes 304-150 (old) and 304-200 (new)

Note: If you need to change your scheduled exam time

If you have already registered to take one of these exams and wish to change the date of the exam, you must first cancel the existing registration and re-register using the updated series codes.

Certification Programs

Linux Essentials

Linux Essentials

Linux Essentials is a Professional Development Certificate program for those new to Linux. The Linux Essentials credential is ideal for those starting a career in Linux or for those in an IT role where validated basic Linux skills are important. The Linux Essentials exam contains 40 questions and must be completed within 60 minutes. Before taking the exam, it is recommended that you review the Linux Essentials exam objectives. Linux Essentials is not available in Japan.

LPIC Series

The LPIC professional certification series are designed to evaluate the knowledge and skills of Linux Systems Administrators. To keep pace with the evolving Linux technology, the LPIC exam objectives are updated every 2.5 years and each certification is valid for 5 years before you must recertify or certify at a higher level. Although the exams may be taken in any order, lower level certifications must be achieved before higher-level certifications can be awarded.

LPIC-1 Linux Server Professional

LPIC-1 Linux Server Professional

  • What: Able to perform maintenance tasks with the command line, install & configure a computer running Linux and be able to configure basic networking.
  • How: Pass LPI 101 & 102 exams; each exam is 60 multiple–choice and fill in the blank questions in 90 minutes
  • Prepare: Review LPIC–1 Exam Objectives
  • Voucher: Buy exam voucher

Partner offer: All LPIC–1 certified candidates qualify to receive the SUSE Certified Linux Administrator (CLA) certification at no additional cost. Details on obtaining the SUSE CLA are included in the LPIC-1 Certification package.

LPIC-2 Linux Network Professional

LPIC-2 Linux Network Professional

  • What: Able to administer small to medium–sized mixed networks.
  • How: Pass LPI 201 & 202 exams; each exam is 60 multiple–choice and fill in the blank questions in 90 minutes. Must also have active LPIC–1 certification.
  • Prepare: Review LPIC–2 Exam Objectives
  • Voucher: Buy exam voucher
LPIC-3 Linux Enterprise Professional

LPIC-3 Linux Enterprise Professional

  • What: Linux Enterprise architecture specialties.
  • How: Pass one LPIC–3 specialty exam: 300 – Mixed Environments, 303 – Security, or 304 – High Availability & Virtualization. Must also have active LPIC–1 and LPIC–2 certifications.
  • Prepare: Review LPIC–3 Exam Objectives
  • Voucher: Buy exam voucher

Please note: Although the 301– Core and 302– Mixed Environments certifications were retired in November 1, 2013 they will remain valid after their retirement for five years after their completion date.

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